The Browns need to get QB pick right

With the 2018 NFL Draft coming in three and a half days, one thing is evident: The Cleveland Browns need to pick the right quarterback this time.

Is it easier said than done? Absolutely! Does it still need to happen? You bet!

There are several quarterbacks available in the first round of this draft and the Browns own the top choice for the second year in a row. They did not select a quarterback until the second round when they chose DeShone Kizer out of Notre Dame. Kizer is now with the Packers after being traded there in March. Kizer was the team's primary signal caller last season in which they went 0-16. This is also a team that has had 28 different starting quarterbacks since their 1999 rebirth. If the Browns ever want to change their losing culture into a winning one, they need to get the right guy.

From Sam Darnold to Josh Allen to Josh Rosen to Baker Mayfield, all the options are there for the Browns' taking. I think the former two are the more likely picks for them to choose from. With Darnold you get a guy who has played at a big time school in USC and was

shown to be a very accurate passer in his time there. He also has a lot of mobility for a player of his size.

Allen,meanwhile,has great arm strength and may be more of a fit in Todd Haley's offense. He could be a Carson Wentz-type player in that he came from a small school and was successful there. Wentz,by the way, was drafted by the Eagles as a result of trading up with the Browns in the draft two season ago,a mistake I'm sure they don't want to make again,and that is what Thursday is going to be all about.

All in all, it should be interesting to see who they pick on Thursday with that top spot. Will they learn from past lessons or do business as usual? I guess we're about to find out.

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