The 3 in 5 Giants are gone, 2019 is here...

Yes this team is playing AMAZING baseball since the break and in the month of July. Yes they are the best in baseball. YES, they are making it VERY hard for Zaidi to make moves due to the recent success.

BUT, as fans, we have to reign in our excitement just a little bit. There are 61 games to go, over 60% of them are against teams .500 or better and most of the series are with division leaders.

Enjoy the run, root the boys on, because if anyone can do magic in the post season with a band of misfits (see 2010) it's Bochy and he deserves nothing more than 1 final playoff push.

But as fans, we have to stop comparing every little aspect to previous years.

Saying this team isn't "Torture" or the outfield celebrations aren't the same as when Pagan and Pence were out there, etc, etc. The 3 in 5 years are LONG gone... 3 in 9 sounds dumb, that dynasty has passed, let it live on in memory.

This is a whole new group, a group made of grit and determination, the outfield doesn't have the same celebrations but I would be quick to say that this team is coming together, sooner and tighter than those WS teams did.

This team was 12 games under .500 and easily could have packed it up, thrown in the towel and welcomed trades. They quietly pulled together and are proving they CAN play good, if not great baseball, and they are doing it for themselves and Bochy.

Those WS teams, had heart, but they didn't start believing in themselves until MUCH later in the year.

2010: it wasn't until Sanchez pitched the game of his life in game 162 and then they figured, hey we can make a run and did.

2012: Pence had to rally those guys with the sunflower seed tosses and pre game speeches to break a funk they were in and that was already in the playoffs.

2014: they were closer, but starting to falter and relied HEAVY on pitching, where Bum was amazing and Zito FINALLY earned the second half of his contract (the first half he got in 2012 WS).

This team oddly enough in 2019 is further along than those teams of the past and we as a fanbase need to celebrate them for that and not compare them to the past.

I hate to say it, that dynasty is dead and it died a GLORIOUS death.

Move forward get Oracle packed again and root on the 2019 Giants! They deserve their own memories, they are making waves and don't need to be in the shadows of the teams before them.

-Greg B

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