Shorten Season, Better Season?

While people dispute whether or not the NBA players have an obligation to the fans to play, this also adds more fuel to the growing idea among NBA fans that the season is too long. Although the playoffs have been awesome this season, the NBA season feels like it has dragged on (or maybe that’s because I root for Sacramento…). If you think about it now, the season goes from October to June this is much too long. Cut it down to 66 games, this is the same length as the 2011-12 lockout-shortened season. Each team would play every team in the opposing conference twice one at home and one on the road to total 30 games. Additionally, each team would then play the other 14 teams in their own conference twice and each of the final four teams in their division two more times to bring the regular season total to 66 games. This makes the season 16 games shorter and helps limit player injuries and fan boredom, given that a shorter season means each individual game is worth more to each team.

The fall is football season anyway. Players and fans alike would benefit from a shorter season than the 82-game chore the league currently has in place. Cut it down and start the season in December. Fewer back-to-backs and fewer minutes played before the playoffs would ensure players are healthier and well-rested heading into the postseason. The fans want a better product on the floor, and with a shorter schedule in place, the games would be much better.

The NBA regular season simply doesn't matter that much either, so why make it so long? It doesn’t matter for the any of the top teams in all reality. From the moment the Warriors lifted the trophy last season we all predicted the final 4 teams would be exactly who it is now. Houston, Golden State, Cleveland and Boston. What is there to be learned in the regular season apart from what lineups work better than others for the top teams in the league? There really isn't anything to learn, the 82 game regular season has become something of a joke lately, and the first person who regularly treated it as such was San Antonio head coach Gregg Popovich. He began to rest his stars during the regular season, sitting out games in order to guarantee that his team was fresh come the playoffs. I think it worked out for them with five NBA championships under his tenure as coach. Ask yourself this very question, what is more important to have your players healthy for the playoffs so that your team will be at full strength when it is win or go home time or to make sure that your players play in all 82 regular season games? It's the first one, and if someone says otherwise, they're lying to themselves. So please NBA do us a favor and just cut the season down a bit. You’ll get better games with the same exact outcomes.


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