Odell Gets Paid. Now What?

The New York Giants signed Odell Beckham Jr. to a five-year, $95 million contract extension on Monday. The same Odell that's struggled to stay healthy and has led New York to one playoff game that he played poorly in and they lost.

It's nothing against Odell, through three NFL seasons, Beckham became the fastest player to 200 receptions and the fastest player to 4,000 receiving yards in NFL history. Go get that money. If someone's willing to pay it, you take it. He is extremely talented, but when it comes to the NFL, wide receivers don't win or lose the game. They rely on a quarterback to get them the ball. Eli has just as much to do with Odell's success as Odell himself. At the end of the day wide receiver isn't the position that is going to decide the victory or loss. There was no need to pay Odell that kind of money. That's reserved for QB's, the field generals and game changers. Odell is now the highest paid player at his position. More than DeAndre Hopkins, Antonio Brown and soon to be a hall of famer Larry Fitzgerald.

Does a wide receiver deserve that kind of money? History says no. For example New

England won three NFL titles without a single elite WR. It's helpful to have the top wide outs but not necessary. So while I think Odell is a great receiver and top 3 in the league is he really going to change New York's win, loss that much? Most likely, no.

Also what's this do to New York's future? Where does the money for the offensive line or secondary come from now? So go ahead and celebrate that mega deal in the locker room and enjoy the support of your teammates, but someone remind them when it comes time for them to get new contracts and they instead become salary cap casualties. Better yet Odell Beckham cap casualties.

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