No Need to Panic in San Francisco Right?

After the San Francisco Giants acquired Evan Longoria from Tampa and Andrew McCutchen from Pittsburgh to strengthen the heart of the order this offseason, the Giants front office executives had every reason to believe this year’s lineup would outclass a group that was ranked among the poorest in baseball last season. Though still early the Giants’ offense hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations. In fact, it hasn’t come close. The only teams averaging fewer runs per game than the Giants this season are the Royals and Reds. That isn't an appropriate group to be in for a team that had wild-card aspirations prior to the first pitch of the season.

The starting pitching has kept the Giants afloat, though manager Bruce Bochy’s squad was without its top three starting pitchers in Bumgarner, Cueto and Samardzija at points already this season, and down a closer who appeared poised to return to form this spring. The Giants’ staff has actually performed better than expected, the Giants sport the ninth-best starter ERA in the National League. Tuesday Johnny Cueto returned from the disabled list and gave the Giants every reason to believe he could be the second ace the Giants believe he should be. Jeff Samardzija will rejoin the rotation in the coming days and down the line, the Giants believe Madison Bumgarner will start to make an impact in June and that some hopefully McCutchen and Longoria will end these slumps and be the players they were expected to be when they joined the team.

Simply put it’s too early to panic. The Giants hitters will eventually break the slump and the pitching will only get better as the aces get back from the DL. It has to work right…..?

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