NHL should add more Refs

WARNING **hockey post by a non- SharksTalk916 host**

There has been a TON of discussions about how bad the officiating has been in the playoffs this year.

It was mentioned briefly on the Sharks broadcast last night and It created thoughts in my head that I had before about how hard it must be to be a NHL Referee over any other professional sport.

Hockey has 60 minutes of ice time, the lines the players rotate out on can be 30-120 seconds long, and they get a breather.

The Refs are on the ice the full duration of the period, dodging players, the puck, all while keeping up with a faster league than in years past, all while trying to keep up with the rules.

What would happen if the NHL were to expand their referee teams from 4 to 8 refs. Have teams that rotate at the period breaks, and at timeouts during the 3rd period or overtime to ensure the quality of the calls are top notch, ESPECIALLY in the playoffs.

The NFL has "all Star" crews work together in the playoffs and super bowls, to ensure top calls are made, and I think the NHL should do the same.

This will allow the speed to stay high, while the bad calls to be lessened without taking out the human aspect of the game and adding in more instant replay scenarios


-Greg B

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