Love em or Hate em, You Will Respect Them.

The run ythe Patriots are on right now is something we will never see again and people from the outside looking in should appreciate it.The beauty of being a sports fan is seeing something special and dominant that's unprecedented.

A third straight trip, and ninth trip to the Super Bowl in 18 years. Four NFL franchises have never been to the Super Bowl while Tom Brady and coach Belichick have been to 47% of them since their first one in against the then St. Louis Rams. Now it comes full circle. The

New England Patriots have a chance to win it all against the franchise that was their first Super victim during this amazing run, the now, Los Angeles Rams.

In a league that prides itself on parity, I mean seriously, this season's playoff field included many teams that didn't take part in last season's playoffs. That’s how the NFL wants it every year, and yet these New England Patriots have had 18 straight winning seasons. In fact since 2003, there have been 16 consecutive seasons of 10 or more victories. This year, the Patriots became the first franchise in league history to reach the playoffs for 10 straight seasons. If New England wins it all in Atlanta, they will have claimed their sixth Lombardi Trophy, tying the Steelers for the most ever. It will also be a league leading postseason win number 37. That’s absurd and yet awesome at the same time.

It's natural for many of us to root against this kind of superiority. But admit to yourself that the it’s based strictly out of pure jealously. We all wish it was our team that was doing this. Deflategate, Spygate, we’d take it all if it meant our team stayed on top for 2 decades of dominance. So go ahead boo the hell out of them next Sunday but remember to respect the history we are witnessing, I know I will.

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