Kings Fans Need to Chill

Not a day goes by that Sacramento Kings fans don't lose their minds over something out of their control. A former player scores 20, a trade of a mediocre player, a loss against a playoff team, hell even after a WIN fans want to complain about something, it's like the years of being miserable has ingrained itself into the body of a Kings fan and those demons cannot be released.

The end of this season is no different, Yes the Kings missed the playoffs, and missed 40 wins, which would have been HUGE for this young group, however, no one in their right mind expected this team to exceed 30 wins, many of which pegged the Kings, under 25, so this year was a success. Hell, the Kings were in a playoff race, up until there were 6 games, SIX remaining, in the season, last year I'm pretty sure AFTER 6 games the Kings were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, yet Social Media is still full of negativity.

Last nights, season finale was no different, it was painful, a 28 point halftime lead blown, to a Blazers team resting for the playoffs. The starters showed up, balled out of control and left it to the bench to close the deal. Buddy Heild, set a NBA record with 600 three pointers in his first 3 seasons, and the Kings were on pace to win that 40th game. However, Coach Joeger, made it clear that the second half would be a bench game, (which most coaches would do for a season that was coming to an end with no playoffs). That bench blew that lead and the Kings ended the season at 39 wins.

Kings fans for whatever reason took this personally, saying that the coach cost us this game, his rotations cost us 12 or more games this year, his lack of playing starters was on purpose for him to shave points or to secure his exit. (All of these are true points made on Social Media by Kings "FANS".

Scan any social media right now and the rhetoric is the same, FIRE JOEGER. (Search YOGURT, if you want to see the true essence of Kings Fans, as they clearly have no respect for the coach who brought the Kings their most successful season in decades.)

I like that Joeger let the bench die last night. It shows that Frank Mason and Kosta Koufus and even Yogi Farrell need to be replaced, Swanigan is a player who is clearly out of shape who can't play in this league and shows his trade was strictly for salary cap reasons.

Keep in mind he (Swanigan) was traded for Skas Labissier, who scored 30 last night in a garbage time game. Skal played more minutes last night (41) than he did the whole season, with Sacramento and Portland COMBINED, yet if you check Kings social media pages, he "proved to the Kings he was upset about this trade, by dropping 30". Ignoring the fact it was his first time on the floor in a game that meant nothing. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, but i'll let that go.

This was a final tryout for those fringe guys, it shows the bench needs a HUGE upgrade.

Any fan calling for the firing of Coach is hoping for another shit season so they can keep being miserable fuck tards who have nothing better to do than bitch about every fucking thing.

Also to whomever said that he shit on the fans over and over this year is fucking stupid as well, what did he do to "shit on us" and WHY do WE Deserve 40 wins? All the fans do is trash the team left and right, based on that this FAN BASE deserves NO TEAM. 90% of you are the worst fucking fans in sports and make real fans EMBARRASSED to be associated with you degenerate fucks.

Vlade Divac was extended as General Manager last night after the game, he will have a ton of cap space, nearly $40m, to work with next year. The league and free agents have been put on notice that this team is up and coming. Vlade will do his thing to make this team better, fill a NBA quality bench, add a true center to anchor the front court and push this team towards the playoffs.

But Kings fans chill out. Remember, success can come in overnight like it did this year, but it can leave just as fast or faster, and changing the coach may be the exact thing that breaks this team apart. Be careful what you wish for, the basement isn't that far away, one slip up and were back on the bottom looking up.

- Greg B

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