Kings First Half in Review.

A franchise that was long joked about and often the laughing stock of the NBA is gaining a new image. Sacramento’s young core lead by an intriguing backcourt of Fox, Bogdanovic, and

Buddy Hield are giving the town of Sacramento hope. For the first time in over a decade it’s January and the Kings are still playing meaningful games. Buddy Hield has become a top 3 point threat that can go toe to toe with the best shooters in the league. No one can keep up with DeAaron Fox’s pace and Harry Giles and Marvin Bagley are making progress and showing Sacramento glimpses of what they had hoped for when they drafted them.

As a team that is two games away from eighth place and a franchise that has missed the playoffs for 12 straight seasons, this is a breakthrough. Kin

g’s fans will eagerly await the 2nd half of the season to see if the King’s dream lives on or if these are the same old Kangz.


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